Why Honeymoon in Amed?

Suppose your ideal honeymoon location is a peaceful and serene environment where you can relax after all the excitement and energy you’ve exerted during the wedding preparations and party. In that case, The village of Amed on Bali’s north shore is the best place for you! Untouched by the mass tourism in South Bali, it still offers the authentic Balinese experience. As well, Amed is a great destination for couples that are diving or would like to learn diving.

Explore Amed

Located on the northeast shore of Bali in Indonesia, Amed is a peaceful and charming fishing village. From Amed you will have a picturesque view of Mount Agung - the highest volcano in Bali. Amed is part of a group of eight fishing villages, alongside beautiful bays and small-stones beaches that you can explore on foot

This lovely area is an escape from Bali’s usually bustling tourist locations. This quaint stretch of fishing villages still maintains its authenticity and is untouched by the influx of tourists and visitors that frequent the popular destinations in South Bali. However it is definitely a destination that is on the map of couples that are into diving.

A few charming hotels which are worth staying during a honeymoon can be found around the village. You will find some nice restaurants, but more common are simple warungs which serve fresh fish right out of the ocean. Warungs are small family-owned restaurants that usually offer good quality local food at friendly prices.

Learn diving together

Don’t be fooled by the charming quaintness of Amed. Despite its small size, it offers fun and exciting world-class activities like scuba diving and snorkeling.

Diving together at the Tulamben Drop Off. Diving together at the Tulamben Drop Off.

Amed has affordable dive schools where you can earn a scuba certificate within four days. Getting your Open Water dive certification allows you to dive up to 18 meters and is cheaper here than in most other countries. In addition, learning to dive will also be a fun bonding experience during your honeymoon! While diving you rely on your partner for your safety. Learn to dive together and you will have a new shared hobby for life!

There are various famous dive spots around here, one of which is the US liberty maritime ship that stranded on the shores of Bali during the second world war. This wreck location is famous because nature has entwined itself around the ship. You can also observe incredible coral formations near the wreck.

Another diving location is the Drop Off, also known as the Tulamben Wall. This site is one of the most spectacular natural phenomena in Bali. It is an underwater cliff side about 70 meters deep formed by the flow of lava from the eruption of the volcanic Mount Agung.

Honeymoon Hotels in Amed

Despite Amed being a small town, there are surprisingly good options for accommodation, including two 4-stars hotels! And the best part is that these hotels are located directly in the heart of the town, making commute to anywhere you might want to go easy.

What are you looking for?

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4 star
Affordable luxury
  • ★ Our Fav!

    The Griya Villas and Spa

    4 starIn the town of Amed

    Winner of the world luxury hotel awards. It provides is everything you need for a perfect honeymoon in Amed, and they can arrange a romantic candlelight dinner or flower bath!

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    Rated 8.6 at Booking. →
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  • Palm Garden Amed Beach

    4 starAffordable luxuryIn the town of Amed

    This 4-star Spa Resort offers great views over a beautiful bay and the Java sea. It's a boutique place with only 11 luxurious rooms. The most luxury private villa style bungalows offer private pools and we would recommend booking one...

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    Rated 8.9 at Booking. →
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  • Santai Hotel

    4 starAffordable luxuryBeachfrontIn the town of Amed

    A beachfront green oasis in Amed. Santai is a 4-star boutique hotel in Amed, located right on the beach at a central location near town. The hotel features great suites and bungalows, some of them facing the ocean, that are...

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    Rated 8.2 at Booking. →
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Honeymoon Activities in Amed

What type of activities would you like to do in Amed?

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Relaxing & wellness
  • ★ Our Fav!

    Agung Mountain Sunset at Jemeluk Bay

    NatureBeachSunsetIn Amed

    There is something special about watching the sun set at a beautiful location. It inspires a feeling of peace and serenity - especially when sharing the experience with your partner. One of our top romantic activities to do in Amed...

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  • ★ Our Fav!

    Spectacular diving around Amed

    ActiveNatureThrillMany dive shops all around Amed town

    Amed has amazing diving spots with spectacular coral reefs and magnificent underwater life. As mentioned earlier in the article, there are famous diving spots such as the US Liberty Shipwreck, The Drop Off and the Japanese Shipwreck. Amed also has...

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  • ★ Our Fav!

    Tirta Gangga Temple Complex

    Relaxing & wellnessCulture30m south of Amed

    Interested in culture or great photo opportunities? Between Candidasa and Amed you will find the famous Tirta Gangga Temple Complex. It is a great stop on the way up to or down from Amed, or as a daytrip from Candidasa....

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  • Amed Bay by kayak or stand up paddle

    ActiveBeachAmed Town

    As the ocean in Amed is rather calm, you could also explore its bays by Kayak or stand-up paddle (SUP). During a honeymoon, a kayak might be the most romantic option as you will share a boat together, but renting...

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  • Honeymoon pics at Lempuyang Temple

    Culture40m drive south of Amed

    Another great spot to explore is the Lempuyang Temple. This temple is one of the most well-known in Bali and has gained fame in the Instagram era. With its striking architectural design and intricate layout, it is no wonder why...

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  • Snorkeling in Amed Bay


    If you don't dive, but still want to explore the coral reefs around Amed, snorkeling is a great option. Enter the water at the beach right in front of Warung Ombak, you will find amazing reefs around 20 meters from...

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Romantic Dining in Amed

Just like the hotels in Amed, the restaurants aren’t as luxury as you would find in South Bali. However, there are still some romantic options worth checking out during your Amed honeymoon!

We love the following places in Amed!

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Casual dining
Local favorites
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    Casual diningIndonesianMain street in Amed

    This restaurant offers a range of cuisine from Asian food to Indonesian ones. Special diets for vegetarians and gluten-free folks are also available.

  • ★ Our Fav!

    Rimba Café

    Casual diningBreakfast & lunchAmed

    Great breakfast spot. They offers homemade treats for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and brunch. We love their ice cream!

  • Asli Amed

    Local favoritesIndonesianMain street in Amed

    Asli means original, expect authentic food. They specialize in fresh seafood dishes right from the ocean.

  • Blue Earth Village

    Casual diningViewpointAmed

    Very popular at sunset, comes with a great view and an aesthetic building. They have one of the most diverse vegetarian menus, although they serve meat and fish too.

How to get to Amed

Amed is not so close to the airport. It is about a 3 hours drive from the airport and south Bali. There is no public transport to Amed, and finding a taxi at the airport that’s willing to take you all the way there can be complicated and costly. We recommend you to either book a transfer through your hotel, or book a taxi in advance through a service like Taxi Amed in advance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Amed in Bali?

Amed is located at the northeast tip of Bali. It is a series of small fishing villages along beautiful blue bays.

How to get around in Amed?

Amed is a relatively small town. You can easily get around by walking. However, it is advisable to get a hotel towards the center of the town. Scooters are available, and diving shops offer free transfers to dive sites.

How far is Amed from Bali Airport

As Amed is located at the northeast tip of Bali, it takes three hours by car from Denpasar airport.

Is Amed a good honeymoon destination?

Yes, its a beautiful spot away from the crowds. You can learn to dive here and share a new passion for life. But don't expect the same level of luxury resorts and restaurants that South Bali offers.

How long should we stay in Amed?

Two nights should be sufficient to see the area. Make it 3 for a more relaxed paced stay. But if you want to learn to dive, you should be looking at 4 nights.

What activities can we do in Amed?

Amed offers famous dive spots, and is an affordable place to get your diving license. Besides, it's beautiful calm bays are great for sunsets.md and snorkling. Finally, spectacular Hindu temples are nearby.

Next destinations

Map with regions of Bali. Bali Regions Map. There are many great destinations in Bali to continue your honeymoon after Amed. Staying in North Bali? Lovina is another calm beach town, where you and your partner can explore waterfalls and join a dolphin watching boat tour. Ubud is a jungle town surrounded by rice fields, regarded as the cultural capital of Bali, is 2 hours drive south from Amed. It’s a logical place to visit next as it is located between Amed and South Bali.

Longing for fancy resorts, nightlife and restaurants? Amed does not offer this. But you can definitely find it in Seminyak or Uluwatu!

On your way down from Amed, you will pass Padangbai Harbour. This is where the fast ferries to Lombok and the Gili Islands leave, so it might be worth considering heading there!

Find your next destination after Amed!

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Beyond bali
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