Your Perfect Bali Honeymoon without any stress 👌

While this website offers a lot of information to plan the perfect Bali Honeymoon yourself, including unique Bali Honeymoon itineraries and many romantic Bali Date Ideas, planning such trip can still be overwhelming. And on top of that, you’ll likely be busy organizing your wedding as well. A honeymoon should be a celebration of your relationship - and not a source of stress! Let us be your Bali Honeymoon organizer and planner!

Let us plan and arrange your Bali Honeymoon

We are Olivia & Dirk, and we are here to help. As a couple, we have lived in Bali for the past 5 years, and we know all the best romantic spots on the island. We’ve lived in Ubud & Canggu. In addition, we are experienced travelers that have been to over 65 countries and have visited all of Indonesia (Olivia is originally from the island of Sumatra in Indonesia). Read more about us here. We are keen to share our knowledge and help you plan and arrange your dream Bali Honeymoon!

Perfect Combination: With a wedding coming up, you probably have a lot on your mind already. Your honeymoon should be a celebration, not something to stress about! Let us both design your itinerary as well as arrange your honeymoon for the smoothest experience. We'll give you a 10% discount for this combo-service. We're ready, lets get this started 😄.


🧡 Emily & Josh (June 2024):

Olivia & Dirk were instrumental in making our honeymoon fun, personal, & stress free. We really got to see and experience Bali because we worked with locals, which was incredible. Can't recommend their service enough! Thank you @Balihonymoonguide for helping us plan an unforgettable honeymoon! We can't wait to come back to Bali!

Honeymoon Itinerary Planning

We use our local knowledge to design your perfect personalized Bali or Indonesia Honeymoon Itinerary based on your ideas, desires and budget. Every honeymoon is different - some couples like 5-star hotels and fine dining, others like to go off the beaten path and are not afraid of spicy local food. Bali has many regions to choose from too.

You’ll probably have some ideas already on which places you would like to visit. We will have multiple conversations with you to make your trip perfect. Based on your budget and time in Bali, we will find the best hotel deals, a smart itinerary to get the most out of your time, activities you’ll love, dining experiences that match your taste preferences and the right balance between relaxing and exploring.

We start with a first introductionary call, in which we try to understand as much as possible about your trip. During this call, we will already throw a lot of ideas at you. We’ll then draft an elaborate proposal, which hopefully checks all your boxes. In a second call we will tune this plan further to your liking. Along the way, we will answer any questions you may have about Bali or Indonesia. We will continue until you are happy with your itinerary. By the end, you’ll have a perfect itinerary, a complete budget, and you’ll know exactly what you will spend on your honeymoon.

The price of this service is US$ 299. We can provide a 10% discount if you invite us to also arrange your honeymoon after the planning phase.

Arranging your Honeymoon

After using our itinerary planning service (or if you made your own itinerary), we can arrange everything from the moment your plane lands on Bali airport to the moment you lift off. The most relaxing honeymoon experience!

We help couples by booking tickets for activities in advance, arranging reliable tour guides, booking ferry tickets, reserving the best ocean-front day-beds in beach clubs, booking tables at restaurants, scooter rentals or coordinating itineraries with your driver. When staying in a private villa, we can arrange massages, floating breakfasts, flower baths or candle-light dinners in your villa too. The possibilities are endless, all you have to do is enjoy!

We work with super-friendly English-speaking drivers who we fully trust. You can be sure that your driver will have great local knowledge, a comfortable car with AC and a good mood every day.

We can handle complex itineraries - think of day trips that start in one hotel and finish in another, transfers in remote areas, one-way scooter rentals or early morning sunrise hikes. If your flight out of Bali leaves in the evening, why not spend your last day in a beach club without worrying about your luggage? There are almost no limitations!

In addition, we will be stand-by during your honeymoon to accommodate any last minute ideas, itinerary changes or questions - we’re flexible! You’ll receive a booklet with your itinerary and everything you will need to know from day to day (what to bring and wear, what time to be where, contact details, pre-purchased tickets, etc).

You’ll pay local prices for everything as we deal with local operators directly (and we negotiate with them for you). This way, you get much better deals than if you would book everything online in advance, so this service partly pays for itself! When we start arranging your honeymoon, we calculate the expected total expenses we have to make and ask for a working capital so that we can start planning and booking everything. Obviously any left-over working capital is returned to you after your honeymoon.

This service costs US$ 35 per day. We can provide a 10% discount if you hire us to also plan your itinerary before arranging your honeymoon.

One-Hour Honeymoon Consult

Some people prefer to organize their own honeymoon. Part of the fun of travelling is throwing yourself into the unknown and experiencing it all. However you may still have a lot of questions, might want to validate some itinerary ideas or get some additional local insights to make your trip perfect.

In that case, our 1 hour Bali Honeymoon consult is your best bet. Both Olivia & Dirk will join you in a call and answer any questions you may have. We will be able to share local insights you won’t find online, and are confident this call will be worth it for you! Feel free to ask any follow-up questions after the call through e-mail as well.

To get the most out of this call, please fill in the form below as complete as possible. If you write down any specific questions you may have at the last page of the form, we can prepare a bit in advance of our call. The price of this service is US$ 129. Looking forward to meet!