Why Honeymoon in Uluwatu?

Uluwatu, a mix of 2 Balinese words, Ulu (Lands end) and Watu (rock), is one of the most popular surfing and tourist destinations in Bali. It is located in the southwestern tip of Bali in Indonesia and is very popular, especially among surfers, tourists and couples. The most beautiful beaches and striking cliffs in Bali can be found here as well as the most dazzling sunsets overlooking the Indian Ocean.

After its discovery as a prime surfing location in 1972, it has become a famous honeymoon destination featuring Bali’s most luxurious resorts, clubs and super fancy restaurants. Featuring beaches with clear turquoise water, pure white sand, and dazzling sunsets, this honeymoon destination will leave couples falling more in love. Although Uluwatu is a world-class surfing destination, there are also beginner waves suitable for newbies to surf.

Explore Uluwatu

Suppose your definition of a perfect honeymoon destination is a popular tourist location with dazzling sunsets, pristine white beaches, a place where you can learn fun and romantic activities like surfing and a place filled with luxurious hotels and resorts. In that case, Ulu, short for Uluwatu, is perfect for you.

Uluwatu is on the Bukit peninsula, south of the airport and about 30 minutes drive from the airport. Uluwatu village, commonly called Pecatu, shares borders with the Indian Ocean towards the south and has a series of caves, restaurants, and a breath-taking view of the sunset.

Uluwatu Temple and Kecak Fire Dance

The Popular Uluwatu temple is just a 5-minute drive from the town and is where the famous traditional Balinese Kecak Dance is performed. The cliffs around the temple have a rich ecosystem of animals, including a thriving monkey kingdom. It is not unusual to find the monkeys being mischievous and snapping up headdresses, so you had better weave yours tightly around your head! Reports have it that if you bribe them well enough, they might just return it.

Uluwatu Temple and Kecak Fire Dance The Kecak Fire Dance is performed in front of Uluwatu Temple overlooking the Indian Ocean.

Beaches, cliffs and views

Towards the eastern side of Uluwatu, there is a lively jungle surrounded by beaches with dazzling sands. There are also a lot of fancy restaurants, clubs and luxury hotels.

If you would prefer to stay on the beach, sleep to the waves’ lulling sounds, and wake up to the smell of seawater and a gentle caress by the breeze, two hotels offer this option. The Padang Padang and Bingin hotels However, they are north of Uluwatu and can not be accessed entirely by car. You will have to walk down a path for the last 300meters.

One of the reasons Uluwatu is so popular is because of its dazzling sunsets that overlook the Indian ocean. Watching the sunset is a truly relaxing and romantic experience. Imagine you and your partner sitting down high on the cliff, leaning on each other, with the waves from the beach crashing below you whilst you experience a sunset so colourful that it leaves you transfixed. Bliss, I tell you.

Unlike the northern parts of Bali, which are much more reserved and have a few luxury options, resorts and restaurants in Uluwatu are high-class and top-notch. They offer varieties of services at a much lower price than you’d find in the western part of the world.

World-famous surf destination

We mentioned earlier that Uluwatu is a world-class surfing destination. It came into the limelight after a classic surf movie titled Morning Of The Earth was shot there. It has since become Bali’s most famous surfing location, seeing many surfing experts and even beginners. Although more experienced surfers use Uluwatu, there are still beaches with small waves that a beginner can learn with.

If you and your partner are surfing enthusiasts, or the idea of learning surfing on your honeymoon appeals to you, then Uluwatu is a must-visit for you. Padang Padang beach and the Canggu beach are the best beaches in Uluwatu for beginners.

If you’d rather not surf but do something less strenuous and more romantic, you could watch the brilliant colours of the sunset. This is truly a spectacle. Watching the sunset on Uluwatu is better experienced from the Single Finn restaurant - they have the best views.

Honeymoon Hotels in Uluwatu

Some of the most spectacular and luxurious hotels in Bali can be found in the Uluwatu region. Get ready to spend your money on a totally worth it luxurious lifestyle and treatment. Although most of these hotels are more expensive than others found elsewhere Bali, they give you your money’s worth. Below are our top picks on luxurious hotels in Uluwatu.

What are you looking for?

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4 star
5 star
Affordable luxury
On a budget
Private villas
  • ★ Our Fav!

    AYANA Resort and Spa

    5 starAffordable luxury30m drive north of Uluwatu

    One of the most luxury hotels in Bali. This spectacular resort is located between the airport and Uluwatu, on a rocky beach at one of Bali's best sunset spots. You won't get bored at the Ayana. It features many pools,...

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    Rated 8.8 at Booking. →
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  • ★ Our Fav!

    Bulgari Resort Bali

    5 starSplurge15m drive east of Uluwatu, on the cliffs

    Best resort with spectacular villas on the South Bali Cliffs, tastefully designed based on modern Italian and Balinese influences. The Bulgari is "as good as it gets" in Bali, with impeccable service, multiple excellent dining options, wide views and an...

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    Rated 9.6 at Booking. →
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  • Alila Villas Uluwatu

    5 starSplurgeon the cliffs, 15m drive east of Uluwatu.

    Elevated above the limestone cliffs of Uluwatu, the Alilia villas is a 5-star paradise surrounded by stunning coastal vistas and a breath-taking view of the clear skies and ocean. Managed by the Hyatt hotel group, the luxury services here will...

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    Rated 8.9 at Booking. →
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  • Anantara Uluwatu Resort

    5 starAffordable luxuryBingin Beach, 10m drive north of Uluwatu

    This is a perfect resort for couples who want to enjoy some form of solitude while not being too far from thriving tourist locations. It features suites, villas, and penthouses.

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    Rated 8.3 at Booking. →
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  • Green Escape Eco Resort

    4 starOn a budgetNear Bingin Beach, 10m drive north of Uluwatu

    Five minutes walking distance away from the Bingin beach, this cozy eco-boutique resort offers five unique accommodations for a luxurious vacation experience.

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  • Suarga Padang Padang

    4 starOn a budgetPadang Padang Beach, 5min drive from Uluwatu

    Design to incorporate modern designs with nature, this boutique resort nestled in Uluwatu surf breaks and Peninsula is another luxury hotel worth staying in. They offer pavilions, villas, and bedrooms.

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    Rated 7.8 at Booking. →
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  • The Ungasan Clifftop Resort

    5 starBeachfrontPrivate villassouth cliffs, 20m drive east of Uluwatu

    The Ungasan Clifftop Resort arguably is located on Bali's best beach. Hidden between green cliffs, the white sand beach and turquoise-blue waters that you can only find on Bali's souternmost tip are reason alone to stay at Ungasan.

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Alternatively, there’s a decent amount of private villas around Uluwatu too. Many villa owners in Bali list their properties on AirBnB, the best ones can be find if you book well in advance. We used these AirBnB discount codes before to get a little discount off our rental.

Honeymoon Activities in Uluwatu

There are lots of romantic things you can do with your partner while spending your honeymoon in Uluwatu. We’ve selected our favorites!

What type of activities would you like to do in Uluwatu?

All Activities
Bhg original
Group tour
Private tour
Relaxing & wellness
  • ★ Our Fav!

    Experience the Kecak Fire Dance

    CultureUluwatu Temple

    Right next to the Uluwatu temple, at sunset a traditional Kecak Fire Dance is performed by local Balinese people. After exploring the temple, you could stay for this spectacular fire dance show.

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  • ★ Our Fav!

    Spectacular Sunset at The Istana Spa

    Relaxing & wellnessSunsetUluwatu

    Our favorite sauna in all of Bali. When we were living in Canggu we would sometimes drive the whole 1.5 hour way down to Uluwatu just to enjoy an afternoon of relaxation here. Book this place in advance, you won't...

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  • ★ Our Fav!

    Craft Silver Jewelry Making Experience

    ActiveCultureBhg original45min from Uluwatu

    Meet with local artisans in the old Batuan village south of Ubud, where they still preserve the old way of making silver jewelry. Nowadays handcrafted jewelry is a rarity around the world, and your visit helps keep these Balinese traditional...

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  • Tropical Temptation Beach Club

    Relaxing & wellnessBeachClubNightlife20 min drive from Uluwatu

    Tropical Temptation is a luxury bohemian-styled Beach Club on one of the best beaches in South Bali. We have visited this beach club twice, read our full review here. What we like: its artsy, with classy vibes, stunning views...

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  • El Kabron Beach Club

    BeachClubNorth of Uluwatu

    Its on a cliff, so technically not a beach club, but otherwise El Kabron checks all the boxes. It overlooks the Indian Ocean on a spot with great sunset views, has a large infinity pool and relaxed seating surrounded by...

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  • Garuda Wisnu Statue

    Culture20 min from Uluwatu

    Taller than the Statue of Liberty in New York, the Garuda Wisnu Statue towers above Bali. Enjoy a spectacular view over Bali together with your partner! The statue depicts the Hindu saga of Garuda and Wisnu.

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  • Hike down to Nyang Nyang Beach

    ActiveBeach10m drive from Uluwatu

    If you and your partner love a secluded beach with pristine white sand and clear aquamarine water, then the Nyang Nyang Beach is one of the locations you must visit.

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  • Melasti Beach

    BeachClub25m drive east of Uluwatu

    This is another beautiful white sand beach near Uluwatu. It's more popular than NyangNyang beach as it's more easily accessible, and a few beach clubs are lined up in front of the beach. Two of our favorites are The Palmilla and Minoo Beach Club.

  • Night at The Savaya Club

    Club15m drive east of Uluwatu

    In the mood for some grooving, dancing, and music? Then give the most luxurious club in Bali a visit! It is placed at a vantage point overlooking the Uluwatu cliffs and has the most charming walkway.

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  • Palmilla Beach Club

    BeachClubEast of Uluwatu

    Melasti Beach in South Bali is one of our favorite beaches, as it has beautiful white sand bordering a crystal blue ocean that is great fun to swim and play in due to the playful size of the waves. Palmilla...

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  • Paragliding over the cliff

    ActiveThrill10m drive from Uluwatu, Free hotel pickup

    If you would rather do something more adventurous and thrilling, then you could consider paragliding. You can also go paragliding from the top of the cliffs. Nyang-Nyang Beach is the most suitable spot for this. Paragliding gives you a bird's...

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  • Single Fin

    BeachClubUluwatu Cliff

    Not exactly a beach club, Single Fin is right on top of the cliff of Uluwatu. However we like to visit Single Fin for their cocktails, especially during sunset. Uluwatu is known as one of the most challenging surf spots...

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  • Sundays Beach Club

    BeachClub20m drive from Uluwatu

    On a beautiful secluded white sand beach down from the South Bali cliffs you'll find the Sundays beach club. To get down to the beach, expect to take a breathtaking elevator down. While Sundays does accept walk in guests, we...

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  • Surfing on Bali's most famous wave

    ActiveThrillMany spots around Uluwatu

    Uluwatu is not known as Bali's most popular surfing destination for nothing. It has various surfing spots and has seen visits from many expert surfers.

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  • Uluwatu Cave & Sunset Spot


    The Uluwatu Cave is one of the entrances to one of the best surfing locations in Bali. You can also enjoy the spectacular Uluwatu sunset from here.

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  • Balinese Bridal Grooming Ceremony

    CultureBhg original1hr from Uluwatu

    Are you sad your wedding is over? You can experience a traditional Balinese bridal grooming ceremony with your partner, and have professional pictures taken for a lasting memory! Step into the intricate world of Balinese wedding traditions as you dress...

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  • Honeymoon Photoshoot from Uluwatu

    ActivePrivate tourStart anywhere in Bali.

    Create lifetime memories of your honeymoon with professional photos!, and discover a wide variety of scenic locations in the process. Work with a professional photographer to take you around to beautiful spots around the island for spectacular honeymoon pictures with...

    Book in advance
    Pickup included. Rated 5/5 on GetYourGuide. →
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  • One Eighty Day Club

    ClubEast of Uluwatu

    One Eighty is a clifftop day club with a scary glass-bottom sky pool stretching 6 meters over the cliff, allowing couples to get an amazing view of the Indian Ocean and green cliffs of South Bali. Great relaxing vibes and...

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  • Explore Bali by Antique Car

    ActiveDaytripPrivate tourBhg originalStart at your Uluwatu Hotel

    Cruise across the rice fields and jungle of Bali in a vintage car. In this tour you will enjoy the fresh air breeze through your hair while you explore landscapes, rice fields, temples, community farming and scenic villages from an...

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  • Ubud Day Trip from Uluwatu

    ActiveNatureCulturePrivate tourStart from your Uluwatu Hotel

    It is possible to see the best of Ubud and its surroundings in single day! This highly rated PRIVATE tour (4.9 with 1100+ reviews) will pick you up in your South Bali hotel and drive you and your partner past...

    Book your private Ubud Day Tour!
    Highly rated tourguide at GetYourGuide. →
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  • Instagram Highlights Tour from Uluwatu

    NatureCultureDaytripGroup tourPrivate tourPick-up in your Uluwatu Hotel

    The Instagram Highlights tour is an amazing choice for (aspiring) influencers, but don't worry if you and your partner prefer to live a more private life: it is a great opportunity to see the most scenic parts of Bali and...

    Book this experience!
    Operator has 4.9 on GetYourGuide (3500+ reviews). →
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  • Private Uluwatu Sunset Tour

    CulturePrivate tourSunsetStart & Finish at your Uluwatu Hotel.

    Convenient option with hotel pickup. A private driver will pick you up at your hotel with his air-conditioned car, and show you around Uluwatu Temple overlooking the Indian Ocean and the traditional Balinese Kecak fire dance show (performance tickets not...

    Book your Uluwatu tour with hotel pickup
    Operator has 4.7 and raving reviews at GetYourGuide. →
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  • East Bali Waterfall, Beach and Canyoning tour.

    NatureBeachThrillGroup tourStart from your Uluwatu Hotel

    A lot of water fun in a single day in the off-the-beaten path East Bali region. That is what this small group tour offers. You will be visiting a beautiful waterfall which is great for swimming (Tegenungan Waterfall), the scenic...

    Book your East Bali Tour
    Tour rated 4.9 at GetYourGuide. →
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  • Day trip with driver from Uluwatu

    Private tourPick-up in your Uluwatu Hotel

    Do you know exactly what you want to explore in Bali? Just hire a car with a private driver for a day and plan your own private tour. This is very easily arranged! Let a trusted driver with many 5-star...

    Book your private driver for 6, 8 or 10 hours
    Operator rated 4.8 at GetYourGuide. →
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Check our Best Bali Beach Clubs if you need more ideas on how to spend your day!

Romantic Dining in Uluwatu

What are you craving? Uluwatu has it all!

All Restaurants
Casual dining
Fine dining
Local favorites
  • ★ Our Fav!

    The Cave Bali

    Fine diningPecatu, 20 mins from Uluwatu

    The most spectacular fine dining experience you will find in Bali, in a real natural cave! We've been at The Cave and loved it, but its one of the more fancy and expensive fine dining experiences in Bali. You will...

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  • Double Ikat

    Fine dining15m drive north of Uluwatu, Mariott Hotel

    Part of the Marriott Hotel. Fine dining option. Provides varieties of Indonesian and Balinese dishes.

  • La Baracca

    Casual diningin Uluwatu

    Craving authentic Italian food? La Baracca got you. Great decor, friendly casual vibes, and lovely food.

  • Ours Uluwatu

    Casual diningPadang Padang Beach, 10m drive from Uluwatu

    Casual dining in a cozy environment. Perfect for a relaxed dinner night

  • Rock Bar Bali

    ViewpointCocktails30m drive north of Uluwatu, Ayana resort.

    Literally on a rock in the ocean. Part of the Ayana resort thirty minutes away, but worth the drive for its spectacular views.

  • The Crudo at Six senses

    Fine dining15m drive east of Uluwatu

    One of the fine dining options available. You can expect a relaxed and cool environment and superb meals.

  • The Mana Uluwatu

    Casual diningViewpointIn Uluwatu, next to The Istana Spa

    Has Balinese-style architecture with casual dining and a great view of the sunset.

  • The Sangkar

    Fine dining15m east of Uluwatu, Bulgari Resort

    Part of the Bulgari luxury resort, just like the resort, the restaurant offers luxurious and fine dining. Indonesian meals, as well as a variety of cuisines, are available.

  • Cuca (Jimbaran)

    Fine diningJimbaran, 30 min from Uluwatu

    Cuca is located a few steps away from Jimbaran Beach, just south of Bali's airport, It is roughly a 30 minute ride from either Uluwatu or Seminyak. On arrival you will walk through the large garden to reach the restaurant....

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  • Jimbaran Fish Market

    Local favoritesJimbaran, 25 min from Uluwatu

    This might sound like an odd suggestion for a honeymoon, but if you are up for an authentic local lunch experience... The town of Jimbaran just south of the airport hosts the largest fresh fish market in Bali, right next...

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How to get to Uluwatu

Uluwatu is around 30 minutes drive from Denpasar Bali Airport. If your hotel doesn’t provide one, It is advisable to book a ride in advance so that you do not pay an exorbitant fee to taxis waiting at the airport.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Uluwatu in Bali?

It is on the southwestern tip of the Bukit Peninsula in Bali, Indonesia.

How to get around in Uluwatu?

There are various means of transportation in Uluwatu. Taxis are everywhere, renting a scooter is affordable, and there is GoJek, the local taxi app similar to Uber.

How far is Uluwatu from Bali Airport?

It takes around 30 minutes by car from Denpasar Bali Airport to Uluwatu.

Is Uluwatu a good honeymoon destination?

Yes, Uluwatu is one of the best honeymoon destinations in Bali! It offers a variety of luxurious hotels, spectacular views, fun activities and fine restaurants.

How long should we stay in Uluwatu?

We recommend staying at least two nights, but you could definitely stay longer if you want. Uluwatu has a lot of activities to do, comfortable and Luxurious hotels, mysterious caves and amazing sunset views. There's a lot to do, eat and see.

Next destinations

Map with regions of Bali. Bali Regions Map. There are many great destinations in Bali to continue your honeymoon. Did you start surfing in Uluwatu, and long for some more? Consider staying in Canggu, around 1.5 hours drive from Uluwatu. Longing for nature? Head to Ubud, the jungle village in central Bali. It takes around two hours to get there from Uluwatu. You think Uluwatu is a luxurious destination? Wait till you visit Seminyak. It features more luxurious and exotic resorts with a very active nightlife, around 1 hour drive from Uluwatu. Amed is a more secluded and quaint location - a serene fishing village away from the crowds. This is the ideal location for diving enthusiasts. Expect the drive from Uluwatu to take at least 3 hours.

For more travel ideas, we wrote a collection of 7-day, 10-day, 12-day and 14-day Bali Honeymoon Itineraries.

Find your next destination after Uluwatu!

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Off the beaten path
Beyond bali
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    Made famous by Eat Pray Love. Jungle, art, rice fields, monkeys and spirituality.

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    Peninsula with cliffs, caves, surf and hidden beaches. Luxury resorts nearby.

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    NatureOff the beaten path

    Hidden gem with spectacular views. Explore crater lakes, waterfalls and temples.

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  • Seminyak


    Upscale area with wide sandy beach, great restaurants and fancy beachclubs.

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  • Amed

    BeachCultureNatureDivingOff the beaten path

    Tranquil fishing villages, famous dive spots.

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  • Canggu


    Surf Beach, Party, Hipsers & Foodies.

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  • Candidasa

    BeachCultureNatureOff the beaten path

    Beautiful calm East Bali beach town.

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  • Lovina

    BeachCultureNatureDivingOff the beaten path

    Calm ocean away from the crowds. Watch dolphins and hike to waterfalls.

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  • Nusa Dua


    Luxury hotels and (all-inclusive) resorts facing white sand beach with all the comforts you could wish for.

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  • Sidemen

    NatureCultureOff the beaten path

    Off the beaten path nature destination between rice fields and mountains.

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  • Sanur


    Long stretch of calm ocean beach close to Bali airport. Spectacular sunrise.

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  • Nusa Penida Island

    BeachNatureDivingBeyond bali

    Hilly island of the coast of Bali with spectacular cliffs and rock formations.

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  • Gili Islands

    BeachNatureDivingNightlifeBeyond bali

    Real tropical island vibes! Three small islands great for diving, beach and party.

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  • Lombok Island

    NatureOff the beaten pathSurfBeachBeyond bali

    The large island West of Bali. Famous for surf, spectacular beaches and Mount Rinjani.

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Written by Olivia & Dirk

Hi! We have put together this guide with a lot of care, based on our own experiences. As a couple, we have lived in Bali for the past 5 years, and we fell in love with the island. We have visited every corner of Bali, especially the romantic places ;-). While our articles do contain affiliate links, you can trust us to recommend only the experiences that we love.

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