The best affordable Bali hotels for couples on a budget

A romantic holiday in Bali does not have to break the bank. Hotels in Bali are surprisingly affordable, and you can often stay in awesome places for less than 100 USD a night. In this article we share our tips and favorite hotels for couples on a Bali holiday within a budget.

Scroll down to discover 10 favorite affordable hotels for couples in Bali, which often have rooms for under 100$ per night depending on the season.

Our tips on finding the best affordable hotels

We’ve lived in Bali for over five years, and often make trips across the island. We often book nice places without going overboard. Below are our tips on experiencing Bali in a great way while keeping the costs within reason.

  • Low season: Seasonality does influence the prices of hotels in Bali. The island is most popular from April to August, as well as during the Christmas holidays in december. Planning your honeymoon or holiday in the low season can make a big difference.
  • Stay local: Generally large international resorts are more expensive than smaller locally-run Balinese hotels. An additional benefit of staying local is that you will experience more of the rich Balinese culture while supporting the local economy more than you would by staying in a large resort.
  • Book in advance: The best deals can usually be found if you book well in advance. Even the best honeymoon hotels in Bali might have good deals available if you book a couple of months in advance. If you wait until the last moment, the best rooms are likely already booked.
  • Affordable regions: South Bali is more expensive than regions in the north and center of the island. Two great affordable regions we think are great for a honeymoon are the small coastal town of Amed and the off-the-beaten path region of Sidemen. Some people claim that Sidemen reminds them of how Ubud was many years ago before mass tourism arrived. Further down in this article you can find a list of expensive and more affordable regions.
  • Use day passes: You don’t always need to stay in a luxury resort to enjoy their amenities. Even some of the most luxury hotels offer affordable day passes allowing you and your partner to enjoy their infinity pools or beachfront bars even if you’re not a guest. Also, if you do choose to stay in fancy resort, you won’t have to stay in the fanciest honeymoon suites. In the end, in whichever room you stay or whether you use a day pass, the amenities of the hotel are largely the same. We list resorts offering day passes at the bottom of this article.

Our favorite Bali hotels on a budget

10 affordable romantic hotels in Bali. 10 very affordable romantic hotels in Bali.In this list we aim to list great romantic hotels that cost roughly 100$ per night or less. Do note that prices fluctuate depending on seasonality, so prices might be a bit higher depending on the time of the year. Regardless, the hotels below all offer amazing value and won’t break your budget. We selected them because we believe they are great for couples looking to have a romantic getaway.

Now lets look at our 10 favorite hotels for couples on a budget!

Affordable and expensive regions

Map with regions of Bali. Bali Regions Map.Bali is a large island. Most couples stay in a few different regions of Bali during their honeymoon. One way of keeping your honeymoon affordable is by splurging a few nights in one of the luxury honeymoon hotels or a private villa, while staying the rest of your trip in more affordable places. We’ve written extensive honeymoon guides on each of Bali’s regions based on our personal experience, check them out for more information!

In general, south Bali is the most expensive. In places like Seminyak, Canggu and Uluwatu you will likely pay more for your accommodation. Staying a little further way from the beach can make a big difference.

Ubud is a bit of mixed bag: you can find the most fancy resorts here, as well as good affordable options. But Ubud is a very popular destination and prices are definitely higher compared to North Bali.

You’ll get better value for money in North and Central Bali. Lovina and our favorite town Amed on the north coast are much more affordable. In central Bali, the beautiful off-the-beaten path destinations of Munduk and Sidemen offer great hotels for better prices.

Leaving Bali for the Gili Islands or Nusa Penida Island is a good option to keep your travels affordable too. Ferries to these islands are quite affordable and once there, prices are noticably lower than in Bali.

Day Passes: luxury resorts without staying overnight

Buying a day pass is a great way to experience the luxury a fancy hotel has to offer. We do this a lot and it almost feels like cheating the system. Somehow hotels that charge high rates per night for a room allow external guests to experience the same luxury amenities if they buy a day pass that usually costs only a fraction.

Map with regions of Bali. The Chapung resort in Ubud offers access to their Jungle Fish infinity pool.

Do note that sometimes these resorts do require a mimimum spend, and these conditions might change. Also, often hotels limit the number of external visits to not disturb their staying guests. You may want to book your spot in advance by contacting the hotel.

These are our two favorite hotels offering day passes:

  • Jungle Fish (Ubud): This infinity pool overlooking the jungle is part of the Chapung resort. Entrance is free at a first-come first-serve basis, but they require a minimum spend on food and drinks (Website).
  • The Edge (Uluwatu): The one eighty is a spectacular “beach club” on a cliff, centered around a spectacular see-through infinity pool. General admission is roughly 30$ per person, most of which can be spend as credit on drinks and food. Make sure to book in advance (Website).

Written by Olivia & Dirk

Hi! We have put together this guide with a lot of care, based on our own experiences. As a couple, we have lived in Bali for the past 5 years, and we fell in love with the island. We have visited every corner of Bali, especially the romantic places ;-). While our articles do contain affiliate links, you can trust us to recommend only the experiences that we love.

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