Bali is a world-class destination for fancy resorts

Few destinations offer as many choices for couples seeking a luxurious stay in a fancy hotel as the island of Bali in Indonesia. The South-East Asian island destination has become the high-end resort destination of choice for many. In this article we will show you our top 22 of the best luxurious 5-star Bali hotels, all rated 9/10 or above on booking websites.

Yes, most luxurious Bali hotels listed in this article aren’t cheap (Check our affordable hotel suggestions here). However, Bali offers excellent value for money. You may be able to stay in fabulous 5-star Bali hotels for a fraction of the cost of similar hotels in Europe or North America. Combined with the famous Balinese hospitality and welcoming culture, we believe booking a couple of nights in one of the fancy resorts listed below as really worth the experience.

Our favorite luxury Bali hotels

The 21 most luxurious hotels in Bali. The 22 most luxurious hotels in Bali.Some Bali regions offer many high end luxurious resorts, while other regions are more basic. Your best chance to find luxury accommodation is in the south Bali region of Uluwatu (famous for its beaches cliffs and temples), and the jungle town of Ubud in Central Bali. A third good option is Seminyak, the lively beachside town nestled between Kuta and Canggu. Lately, an increasing number of luxurious hotels have opened in more remote regions of Bali, including the town of Sidemen and the mountainous area of Munduk.

There are great hotel options in the surf & hipster town of Canggu too, however they can’t compete with the extravant luxury offered by some of the hotels in Uluwatu, Ubud and Seminyak. If you do want to stay in Canggu, check our Canggu Honeymoon Guide for some great accomodation options.

There are hundreds of hotels in Bali. This top 21 consists of absolute best 5-star hotels (all are rated at least 9 out of 10 on booking sites). You can’t go wrong booking any of them. The hotels are displayed in no particular order, we have just organized them by region of Bali:

Luxurious hotels in Uluwatu

Uluwatu is located on the soutern tip of Bali, on the Bukit peninsula south of the airport. Uluwatu is a town on the cliffs that originally became popular amongst surfers, as one of the world’s best and most consistent waves can be found here. The region has a lot to offer, including some of the best beaches of Bali and a spectacular temple on the cliffs inhabited by monkeys. You won’t find better sunsets in Bali than in Uluwatu.

Below we list our favorite luxurious hotels in the region. Some are located north of Uluwatu in the Jimbaran area, while others are located on the cliffs on the south side of the peninsula. We have written an extensive guide for couples visiting Uluwatu on their honeymoon, make sure to check it out if you plan to stay in this area!

Luxurious hotels in Ubud

Ubud is our favorite destination for couples visiting Bali. While Ubud is inland (there is no beach), the region offers some of the best high-end resorts on the island, often tucked away in river valleys with spectacular views over the Balinese jungle.

Ubud is the cultural capital of Bali. The town is rich in arts, culture and history. Explore the Saraswati temple complex, enjoy traditional Balinese dance performance at the Ubud Palace or visit one of the many museums. Outside of the town, you will find some of the prettiest views over jungle and traditional rice terraces. We have lived in Ubud and are keen to share our suggestions. Check our Ubud Honeymoon Guide for everything you should to know for a great vacation in Ubud.

Luxurious hotels in Seminyak

The third region we are highlighting for this shortlist of high-end bali hotels is Seminyak, a beachfront destination not too far from Bali airport. Seminyak is the place to be for boutique fashion, nightlife and fine dining. It is a lively area, however each of the 5-star resorts highlighted below allow you to escape the buzz whenever you need!

Our Seminyak Honeymoon Guide is a good starting point for anyone planning to visit Seminyak.

Luxurious hotels off the beaten path

While Uluwatu, Ubud and Seminyak are great, Bali has a lot more to offer. The resorts listed below are all located in more remote and off the beaten path destinations of Bali. Check our articles on these regions for more information: Munduk in North Bali features crater lakes, waterfalls and mountain ridges. Sidemen in East Bali is a peaceful traditional village nestled between rice fields, hills and rivers.

More places to stay?

We believe the list of hotels we featured in this article are amazing, and worth their money. However we do understand everyone’s budget is different. We’ve compiled a list of great Bali hotels on a budget, many of which we have stayed at!

In addition, we have written extensive guides on different regions of Bali. In each of these, we make recommendations for good hotels to stay. Check out the regional guides below!

Find your next destination after the Gilis!

All Regions
Off the beaten path
Beyond bali
  • ★ Our Fav!



    Made famous by Eat Pray Love. Jungle, art, rice fields, monkeys and spirituality.

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  • ★ Our Fav!



    Peninsula with cliffs, caves, surf and hidden beaches. Luxury resorts nearby.

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  • ★ Our Fav!


    NatureOff the beaten path

    Hidden gem with spectacular views. Explore crater lakes, waterfalls and temples.

    Read our Munduk Honeymoon Guide
  • Seminyak


    Upscale area with wide sandy beach, great restaurants and fancy beachclubs.

    Read our Seminyak Honeymoon Guide
  • Amed

    BeachCultureNatureDivingOff the beaten path

    Tranquil fishing villages, famous dive spots.

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  • Canggu


    Surf Beach, Party, Hipsers & Foodies.

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  • Candidasa

    BeachCultureNatureOff the beaten path

    Beautiful calm East Bali beach town.

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  • Lovina

    BeachCultureNatureDivingOff the beaten path

    Calm ocean away from the crowds. Watch dolphins and hike to waterfalls.

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  • Nusa Dua


    Luxury hotels and (all-inclusive) resorts facing white sand beach with all the comforts you could wish for.

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  • Sidemen

    NatureCultureOff the beaten path

    Off the beaten path nature destination between rice fields and mountains.

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  • Sanur


    Long stretch of calm ocean beach close to Bali airport. Spectacular sunrise.

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  • Nusa Penida Island

    BeachNatureDivingBeyond bali

    Hilly island of the coast of Bali with spectacular cliffs and rock formations.

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  • Gili Islands

    BeachNatureDivingNightlifeBeyond bali

    Real tropical island vibes! Three small islands great for diving, beach and party.

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  • Lombok Island

    NatureOff the beaten pathSurfBeachBeyond bali

    The large island West of Bali. Famous for surf, spectacular beaches and Mount Rinjani.

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