Why Honeymoon in Munduk?

Welcome to the enchanting region of Munduk in Central Bali, perfect for couples on a honeymoon. Nestled amidst picturesque landscapes, Munduk offers a cooler climate and stunning natural beauty. Explore cascading waterfalls, visit sacred temples, and create cherished memories together. Munduk is off the beaten path, discover it together before everyone else does!

Munduk or Bedugul?

While most people refer to this region as Munduk, you might hear the name Bedugul as well. Bedugul is the name of the town inside the crater between the two crater lakes, while the Munduk region officially only starts from the crater edge further north towards the coast. From Munduk you have the best view over Bedugul and its lakes!

A view over Buyan Lake from Munduk, with Bedugul town in the distance. A view over Buyan Lake from Munduk, with Bedugul town in the distance.

Stay at Munduk Cabins

You won’t regret staying at Munduk Cabins! We stayed in this boutique luxury place overlooking the north side of Bali with the Java Sea in the distance, and believe its just perfect for a honeymoon or romantic trip. The prices are quite reasonable compared to luxury South Bali hotels, and we stayed in one of the cabins with private Jacuzzi. At night, the staff will light a romantic bonfire.

They only have 6 cabins, so make sure to book in advance! Check if Munduk Cabins still has cabins available here, or scroll further down for some more hotel recommendations in the area.

Lakes and Temples

Bedugul is where you will find the famous Ulan Danu Temple on Lake Beratan. It’s so iconic that for some time this temple was featured on the cover of the Lonely Planet. It can get crowded though, with many tour busses stopping to allow people to take selfies. Due to the famous Ulan Danu temple, Bedugul is a bit more well known, but very few people venture outside of the area near Ulan Danu temple.

Secret Tip: There’s a more hidden lake with a beautiful Hindu temple that most tourists are not aware of, and it’s really close from Munduk. It is called Tamblingan Lake. Usually there are locals offering to take you on a canoe across the lake, allowing you to walk back through an ancient forest with massive trees. We believe camping might not be people’s first choice for a honeymoon, but we once camped right on the lake. Its really basic though, while simple tents are provided there’s only a squatting toilet. For those couples up for an adventure you can find more information here.


We are aware of at least 4 spectacular waterfalls in proximity of Munduk and Bedugul. Most can be found near the road from Bedugul to Lovina on the north coast, but a great waterfall to visit nearer to Munduk is the Banyumala Waterfall. This one is gorgeous and great for taking pictures as a couple! Check the list of activities below for an overview of all the main waterfalls.

Banyumala Waterfall in Munduk. Banyumala Waterfall in Munduk

Day Tour to Bedugul and Munduk

We will be blunt: We think the Munduk region is so amazing that you should stay overnight. But you may have a lot of other travel plans too, and you can’t stay everywhere. It might be worth considering visiting Munduk and Bedugul through a day trip starting in your South Bali hotel. A highly rated provider of such tours can be found here.

Honeymoon Hotels in Munduk

By now you know we can’t stop raving about Munduk Cabins, but here are some more options in both Munduk! We recommend honeymooners to stay in Munduk and not in Bedugul, as Munduk offers nicer accommodation options and Bedugul is only a short scenic ride away.

What are you looking for?

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  • ★ Our Favorite!

    Munduk Cabins

    4 starAffordable luxuryNature viewsMunduk

    We stayed here to celebrate Olivia's birthday and loved it! This is a a perfect place to relax and enjoy the fresh mountain air. This place is much cooler than most of Bali, as it is at high altitude. Luxurious...

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    Rated 9.6 with 100+ reviews. →
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  • Elevate Bali by Hanging Gardens Munduk

    5 starAffordable luxuryNature viewsPrivate villasMunduk

    Elevate Bali by Hanging Garden is a luxurious resorts located in the enchanting highlands of Munduk, overlooking misty, cool mountain and jungle vistas. They offer some spectacular private villas, some featuring a private jacuzzi overlooking the best views of Bali....

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    Rated 9.2 at Booking. →
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  • Munduk Heaven Luxury Villas

    4 starAffordable luxuryMunduk

    Their forest cabins are a great affordable option in Munduk, but for a special honeymoon consider their elevated "floating villas" overlooking the mountains and forest.

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    Hotel rated 9.2 with 250+ reviews. →
  • Munduk Modin Plantation Nature Resort

    5 starAffordable luxuryMunduk

    This hotel might have the infinity pool with the best view in all of Bali. Super friendly staff make a stay here very personal.

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    Hotel rated 9.5 with 600+ reviews. →

Honeymoon Activities in Munduk

Munduk is all about waterfalls, temples and lakes. Here are our suggestions for great romantic activities to enjoy together in the Bedugul and Munduk area.

What type of activities would you like to do in Munduk?

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  • ★ Our Favorite!

    Aling-Aling Waterfalls

    ActiveNatureThrillBetween Bedugul and Lovina

    Not the largest waterfalls in North Bali, but definitely the most fun. Jumping, swimming, sliding: it's all possible at Aling Aling waterfalls. You will need a taxi from Lovina or rent a motorbike to get to the waterfalls. A small...

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  • ★ Our Favorite!

    Visit Tamblingan Lake

    NatureCultureClose to Munduk

    Such a romantic spot. Discover a temple on a hidden lake off the beaten path. Locals might offer you a canoe right across the lake!

    On Google Maps
  • Banyumala Waterfall


    This is the waterfall closest to Munduk, and worth a visit. It is a few minutes drive from the main road over the ridge between Bedugul and Munduk. You can swim here. There is a second smaller waterfall slightly more downstream.

    On Google Maps
  • Gitgit Waterfall

    ActiveNatureBetween Bedugul and Lovina

    Great for swimming! This long waterfall is surrounded by foliage and natural swimming pools. It is accessible by a rocky walking trail and is stunning in its beauty.

    Location on Google Maps
  • Handara Gate

    CultureIn Bedugul

    Take beautiful Honeymoon pictures together at Handara gate. Usually there's a short wait as this is a popular spot to take pictures. A small fee is paid to enter the area.

    On Google Maps
  • Lake Viewpoint

    NatureJalan Raya Wanagiri road

    The road from Bedugul to Munduk runs over a crater edge! Along the road you will find many viewpoints overlooking the lakes. Some of the spots are serving simple Indonesian food and drinks.

  • Sekumpul Waterfall

    ActiveNatureBetween Bedugul and Lovina

    Off the beaten path, but actually the most spectacular waterfall in Bali. You can hear the roar of this 80-meter high waterfall from far in the distance. The walk down the stairs towards its base is an adventure in itself....

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  • Visit Ulan Danu Temple

    NatureCultureOn Beraban Lake in Bedugul

    If you had to capture Bali in a single image, it would feature Ulan Dana Temple. You'll find it on the cover of Indonesia's Lonely Planet, and not without reason. Located on the shores of Beratan crater lake in central...

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Romantic Dining in Munduk

The only downside of picking Munduk for your honeymoon is that the dining options are unfortunately limited. There is a decent Indonesian restaurant named Ulekan at Munduk Cabins, but for fine dining you would have to visit other regions in Bali.

One romantic option in Bedugul is Rumah Gemuk (This means “The fat house” in Indonesian, don’t ask us why!). This is a unique place - you can view the lake from here, but the building itself is made of all glass with an indoor garden on the ground floor. It is also a wedding venue. When we visited they offered a lunch combo deal that allowed us to try a few different dishes. Google Maps Link Here.

Rumah Gemuk overlooking Beraban Lake. Rumah Gemuk overlooking Beraban Lake.

How to get to Munduk

Munduk is a roughly 2-hour drive away from Denpasar Bali Airport and the most popular tourist spots on the south coast (Canggu, Seminyak and Uluwatu).

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Munduk in Bali?

Munduk is located in North-Central Bali. It is a region just north of the three lakes near the town of Bedugul. It is quite close to Lovina on the North-Bali coast.

How to get around in Munduk?

You definitely need a car or driver to get around the Munduk and Bedugul areas, unless you are comfortable driving a motor bike. Distances are too far for walking.

How far is Munduk from Bali Airport

It takes around 2 hours to get from Denpasar Airport to the Munduk region. In case of traffic it can take longer. Bedugul is slightly closer and takes around 1 hour and 40 minutes to reach from the airport.

Is Munduk a good honeymoon destination?

Yes, this is such a perfect escape from the crowds! Beautiful scenery, waterfalls, lakes and temples, we just love it! On top there is some great honeymoon-quality accommodation in the region.

How long should we stay in Munduk?

We believe two nights is a good amount of time to spend in Munduk. This allows you one full day of exploring, which you can spend seeing temples, lakes and waterfalls. If you prefer to travel a little slower we would recommend 3 nights max.

What activities can we do in Munduk?

You can visit one of the 3 crater lakes, one of 4 spectacular waterfalls or any of the amazing temples in the Munduk and Bedugul region.

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Map with regions of Bali. Bali Regions Map.Check out some great Bali itineraries for couples. If you made your way up to Munduk, you may as well continue to Lovina. The town is known for dolphin watching and hotsprings. If you like off the beaten path destinations, consider Sidemen as well. If you miss the coast and crowds, consider continuing your holiday in Canggu or Seminyak.

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